About Love

Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo

some people have luck finding

love but some do not.

I caught a nice trio of short films yesterday on YT with love stories between characters from Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai.   Ryo Kase is one of the actors and two of the other guys look like they’re from some boyband.   One of them definitely is or I’ve just seen him in some other romantic ドラマ.    The artist girl in the Tokyo film whose painting attracts a young guy from Taipei studying animation in Tokyo, is also someone I think I’ve seen in another film.   That one was my favourite I think.  The Chinese girl in the Shanghai film was a bit strange and I don’t know how he didn’t cop that she was asking him phrases from the postcard he received himself from a girl dumping him.   Especially the first time she asked him to translate a part of it – a whole sentence in fact which he should have thought odd.   His thoughts were obviously focused on the girl who dumped him but still…

One thing that grabbed me about the Shanghai film was the beauty of the area they lived in, real old traditional buildings in a lovely area which at the end of the film – when he cops that she loved him and goes back to try and find her –  is sadly torn down and is nothing but a neglected lot with only the doorway of one of the lovely red buildings left behind.    No doubt to be replaced by modern buildings. The same thing happened in Beijing for the Olympics (but not just for the Olympics I’m sure) – lovely old areas in Beijing torn down to make way for the Olympic stadium and other such buildings.   I’m big into architecture so it’s always sad to see that, in any country.

Anyhow, nice trio of films where each pair finds each other and gets together, or do not get together in one case.  One of the films is left a bit open in that you’re not sure if they end up together.   The one set in Taipei has a bit of dialogue where the Japanese guy is trying to tell his Taiwanese friend (who he clearly is in love with) what her ex-boyfriend told him when she sent this Japanese guy to ask the guy to talk to her.  His language skills take him a while to get the message through and anyone who has studied language will know how vexing this can be, but sometimes funny as this scene is.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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