Haiku reflections on Japan


Where minnows play

against bigger teams, who can

say what will pass?

Best of luck to the brave blossoms against the giants that are South Africa later today and of course best of luck to アイルランド who are playing Canada.  Fiji gave England a hard time last night once they got comfortable and so while Fiji are more established in rugby and can’t really be considered minnows as such, not as much as say Canada and Japan, we saw again in that first game that minnows as ever don’t always allow themselves to be pushed around by the bigger teams.   Of course I hope that the exception is true in the Ireland vs Canada game and well I’m glad it’s a rugby ball the Canadians are wielding, not ice-hockey sticks!!

Japan has a well-known coach in the Australian Eddie Jones.   Of course it all depends on the men on the field but a coach as renowned as this man can’t hurt.


Well, Japan are giving South Africa a very hard time. Only 12-10 at half-time and they have just come back for the second half.  Go on Japan and well done so far!! First surprise of this world cup I guess.

Ireland beat Canada comfortably 🙂


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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