The ‘Flower of Scotland’ defeats the Cherry Blossom

Better luck Japan

against Samoa and oh 

the U S of A

Sorry to see Japan lost their match today, not that I have anything against the Scottish team and their nice navy shirts and equally nice anthem.   45-10 quite a win.  Don’t lose hope Japan.  You can easily beat the USA, whatever about Samoa who might be tougher to beat.  You won’t wilt yet cherry blossoms.   Pity Japan had such a short turnaround as they say in rugby speak, playing only 4 days on from their last match.

I’ve heard a lot of debate over this TMO where the referee checks with those people in a back room watching on tv screens, who are shown on our tv screens sometimes, when they are not sure whether a try has been scored, and for other reasons maybe but mostly that.   It’s important though it slows things down a bit and possibly takes the joy out of scoring a try.   Then again it is slowed down in other ways too.    I really think they could do with stuff like that in football, to avoid handballs and so on.     Romania in their current match against France have just been proven not to have scored a try through this TMO method.

Another thing I find interesting about rugby is that you can hear the conversation between the referee and the men in the background kind of strange but amusing.    Also the fact that the referee is giving very specific instructions at the scrum and so on.   As if they don’t know what to do.  They obviously need to be monitored for taking position the wrong way which could be cheating.  Just the other day, two teams were teaming up for a lineout and the camera was on them and they all looked towards the camera as if the cameraman were instructing them when obviously he wasn’t, just a voice behind the camera.   Maybe one of the assistant referees on the sideline or something.

France have just scored a try but don’t look too excited about it, especially not the scorer, and the conversion went over by one of their two brilliant guys who convert the points after a try – Morgan Parra in this case (Michalak is the other one).   Cheer up France! But not too much!  And they’ve just scored another try and a conversion but still don’t look excited.    Maybe they don’t get on with each other.  Now the game is livening up a little.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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