Support or not to Support

Support for or

a challenge against

something or someone…

… is vital sometimes, less so but still fun to do at other times!

No surprise to hear that Shinzo Abe is fast losing support after passing that controversial bill I mentioned in a recent post.   Pity he didn’t lose it beforehand but whether or not he would have had it, it seems like he does not give a toss.

Speaking of support, the team Japan shocked last week is playing again this week against one of the teams from the pacific islands.   Though they’re leading at the moment, shocked into pulling up their socks no doubt, I hope it does not turn out to be too easy for them, IF they win that is, a ‘turkey shoot’ as some arrogant South African broadcasters mistakenly predicted the match against Japan would be. Not so far thankfully.   I’m going for Samoa here.

A team from Hokkaido – the Hokkaido Barbarians – is one of the many local teams from around the world to feature in the advertising campaign for the company sponsoring the world cup.

Hurray for Hokkaido!!

Another team wearing red and white, though Japan’s is of a more cherry hue obviously, almost caused another shock in an earlier match today, making sure Italy were restricted to a 2 point lead only.    Real touch and go there at the end.   Italy could have played a lot better.   As a team of some respect, in European terms at least, I hope they don’t make up for it in their match against us!!


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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