Georgia and Japan – good luck!!

Cherry Blossoms to

play Samoa next, seems 

like it’s been a while

since we’ve seen Japan.  I guess the time to recover after Scotland is good for them so good luck to them tomorrow.    I mentioned in an earlier post that I can’t go for my usual second team of choice as they’re in our pool and are considered our main pool rival but it’s really difficult!!   They played last night, and have officially got a spot in the quarter finals as they’ve won 3 matches so far, and I could not stop myself thinking ‘Go on!’  And ‘What the hell are you thinking??’ when they made a mistake.  Obviously in our last pool match, I’ll have to put a lid on that and say those things to my own team instead (hopefully less of the latter though) so they at least get the other qualifying spot.

One minnow, apart from Japan, who I think I like is Georgia.  They’ve got real attitude and ability and I hope they do well in tonight’s match against New Zealand.  I doubt they’ll beat them but I hope they give it hell for leather in an attempt to get a dignified result.

Samoa are a very decent team too but hey I think I’ll go for Japan tomorrow as well as Georgia tonight and naturally my own team on Sunday ; )



Update: Georgia did indeed get beaten but NZ did not exactly set the place alight either.   The captain of Georgia, who seems like a really endearing character, looked so surprised when he, seated on the subs bench/team bench after having been taken off earlier, was voted Man of the Match.    That was great but the surprise on his face was greater, really humble.   Hope they win against their last opponents so they get immediate qualification into the next world cup in Japan in 4 years time.

Japan as the 2019 hosts won’t have to worry about that but hopefully, as I said already, they’ll do well and win tomorrow and then in their last match next week to go beyond or just to retain their well-earned good reputation for 4 years time.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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