Haiku reflections on Japan


Fair play to you Brave

Blossoms back in with a chance

after a brief upset


Well done to Japan.  So proud of this team for their 26-5 win over Samoa (who weren’t much good so did not deserve a win, not to take anything away from Japan).    I am hoping Scotland get their third win today, as they are currently topping the group with two wins,  and Japan who also have two wins now go on to win again next week to get the other qualifying spot.   South Africa would get another shock for sure not to go to the second round.    Can’t say I care too much about them.    I don’t know if Scotland will win today but I am hoping they will!!   The flowers of Scotland and the Brave Blossoms can then go onto the next level and blossom even more.  Until such time as either of them meet my team who should get to the next round too.





Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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