Japan just keeps on going!!

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what a great rugby week


Full of surprises.   What I love about the rugby world cup.  You never see this happening in the football world cup.   Japan’s group is still open and if they win on Sunday against the US (who I suspect will have been defeated by then by the fully recovered Springboks), which I think they are well able to do, and Samoa surprise Scotland, then the first two places in the pool might include Japan.  I am not sure if Samoa will surprise Scotland but I am pretty sure Japan can beat the USA to earn a third win.   Japan played fabulously against Samoa the other day.

Another team who wear red and white and are presented by a plant is Canada (the maple leaf as we all know, though their nickname is the Canucks)  let go of a 15-0 lead against Romania, the team of elaborate jerseys and a very interesting rugby history (introduced to rugby by French monks, later used as a tool by Ceausescu, I’m sure they’d rather forget him).  Nothing against Romania either but I thought Canada have been playing well throughout this tournament  (particularly the guy who scored most of their tries, then also Hirayama and a few others) so was a bit sorry for them.  Just a bit as 15 points is not that much really when you think about it and they gave away a lot of penalties.   They should have known better after seeing what happened other teams who lost such leads (the hosts for example).

And of course another red and white bedecked team Georgia are playing Namibia this evening to claim third place in their pool and I am sure they will do it.

My own team got a bit of a fright on Sunday too so I hope they make up for it and beat les Bleus next Sunday. Both Argentina and New Zealand are fearsome opponents so if we struggle against France, we’ll have a tough time against either of those two.

Fiji were fabulous yesterday against a very hot-headed Uruguayan team.   They fully deserved their win as well and have been generally very strong so far.   It was interesting to learn that a nephew of one of the survivors of the rugby team plane crash back in the 70s (80s?), the story of which was told in the film Alive, was in the Uruguayan team.  A team with plenty of ability, history and not to mention hotheads (perdedores doloridos, yo creo).




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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