Adios Argentina (well, until Friday)


アルゼンチン, I still think

you can get third place

Not related to Japan exactly, though I heard Japan might be in trouble ahead of 2019 if they don’t get their stadiums sorted out.   They might be stripped of the hosting privilege (apparently 南アフリカ is in with a chance if that happens).  Very surprised to hear that from such an organized everything-working-to-the-clock place as Japan.

I’m sorry アルゼンチン didn’t win yesterday.  A lot of other アイルランド人 thought so too despite them beating us last week. No disrespect as such to オーストラリア who did score 4 tries and were really good.   The tries were great.  I’ll be going for  New Zealand next week anyway, as I’ve been there and I like the country very much and just because they’re the brilliant All-Blacks (and some commentators have been saying they’re the best New Zealand team ever) but I hope アルゼンチン get the third place medal over 南アフリカ, if they even care about it.  The coach, Daniel Hourcade, looked like he was trying to stop himself bursting into tears at the end.  Australia had Mario Ledesma, an Argentine legend in his own right, as coach to their backs.   I wonder how he felt?

I already thought Argentina was mad about rugby but of course I know, from watching soccer, that it has never reached the heights of that sport.  Until now, well almost they’ll have to win the world cup to really reach equal heights.   In an article I read yesterday, the writer said there have been conversions (pun intended) to the sport, with this world cup, like no other.   And of course Argentina’s most famous footballer was seen in the stands yesterday and at previous matches in this world cup and the rugby team seem to love him and his mad brand of support.  Rugby seems to have sucked in the most dedicated football fans, and the writer mentioned that the price of flights to London from Argentina for that match (I’ll assume Buenos Aires but probably from all over Argentina) were priced from $2,000 to $6,000 (either that was the range or it jumped from the lower to the higher but people were prepared to pay these prices obviously) and the sale of replica kits is said to have gone up 140%!!  Not a fan of their kit myself … but anyway!!  I wonder how that compares with Japan, in those instances and others.

Anyway, best of luck to them in the third-place play-off (I saw it being called the third place final but it can’t be called that because it’s not the final full stop, and also it’s a bit condescending to the teams involved as they know well they’re not in the final) and best of luck to the All Blacks next Saturday.   I hope they can hack (haka geddit?) the pressure and expectation.

Next week I’ll have my own list of ‘Best Ofs’ from this world cup which I have enjoyed soooo much.   I hope the one in Japan, or somewhere else but hopefully Japan, is just as good in 4 years time.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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