Bonne courage Paris

Paris became a 

nightmare for Parisiens

and the world last night

It was absolutely shocking to hear what happened in Paris last night.   Different parts of Paris hit by IS terrorists and so many innocent people, French and foreign, killed or injured.    I have already seen headlines with people saying this won’t defeat them and will not stop people living their lives and that is good to hear but it must be very difficult for everyone to feel like this right now and it probably has not sunk in yet for many people.

One plus, which is hard to think about now, is it shows the friendly, helpful side of Paris which I experienced myself only a few months ago but this is on a larger scale.    People opening up their homes to strangers (using the porteouverte hashtag on twitter – great idea) and taxi drivers taking people free of charge from place to place when said taxi drivers were, and probably still are, afraid to drive anywhere themselves.    Locals being friendly and helpful anywhere can bring a smile to a visitor’s face.  It brought a smile to mine every day I was there.  It must be magnified at this time even if people naturally don’t feel like smiling.    Below is a grey scale picture of Place de la Bastille, close to one of the areas, Rue de Charonne, where some of the shootings were.

To anyone reading this, Japanese or French or anyone else, if you lost someone I am sorry for your loss.

Bonne courage Paris 




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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