Akiyuki Nosaka RIP

Grave of the Fireflies

began from a novel, which

most folks do not know


I did not know it myself.  It is sad to hear that Akiyuki Nosaka, the author of the novel Grave of the Fireflies on which the Ghibli animated film is based, has died at the age of 85.   He had suffered a stroke in 2003 and had been cared for by his wife until he passed away a short time ago.

His novel was semi-autobiographical as he experienced much tragedy in his life as a boy including as part of the war.   So he channeled this pain in to writing the novel and his story eventually became known with the making of the film in 1989 by Studio Ghibli.  And anyone who has seen it will be grateful to him for the fact that Studio Ghibli had such an amazing novel to work off.

I’ve seen the live action form of this film and the animated version.   The film is sad of course but the sibling bond between the brother and the sister and his efforts to keep her safe and alive at such a rough time of Japan’s history is heart-warming (and yes I know other countries suffered in World War II, at Japan’s hands or otherwise, but this is a blog about Japan, not other countries) and it’s a film that should be shown to children who have not yet seen it, either in school or at home, when discussing war or even family relationships.   But it should be watched by everyone, children and adults alike, to remind us all of who suffers the most in war.  Children.

On a related note, i.e. World War II, it was interesting to hear that victims of the Hiroshima bombing were invited to the presentation of this year’s Nobel prizes.   The winning scientists I have already mentioned in a previous post (at the time the winners were announced) but the presentation just took place a few days ago and apparently it was a first, i.e. inviting victims of a particular devastating wartime incident (for want of a better word).   At a time when there is non-stop talk of bombing Syria, albeit with different kinds of bombs, it was surely a message that any kind of bombing is wrong and that no matter how much time has passed governments are still resorting to bombs.

I don’t think it is right to bomb Syria as more innocent people will die either as a result of the bombs or as retaliation by we all know who.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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