Good news for neighbourly relations

Good end-of-year news

for Japan and Korea’s

strained relationship


It looks like Japan and South Korea have reached an agreement closing the chapter on the issue of the comfort women, which has tainted relations between the two neighbours.  Well, Japan still has to uphold its commitment to paying compensation to the women but I think they will do that.  Korea, for its part, has to remove a comfort woman statue from the front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.  Considering there was so much denial before today on Abe’s part about the involvement of Japan’s military in these brothels, it is a big step for him to admit that they were indeed involved and did cause much pain and harm to these women, some of the women carrying the shame brought upon them to their graves.   Maybe this is a sign of change in Shinzo Abe, or is that too optimistic?





Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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