Selective Memory?

I’ve no memory 

of receiving that money

he says, hah nice try!


A lot of controversy over the resignation of Akira Amari, the Minister for Economic Revitalization (seriously that’s what his title is), in Japan this week, over allegations of receiving cash and gifts from construction companies.  Abenomics is said to be successful thanks to him.

He says he has no memory of receiving that money and says his secretary was responsible for any incoming finances.  Oh yeah blame the secretary.   How could you have no memory of receiving a large amount of money?  Hmmm.   As ridiculous an excuse as ‘that money was just resting in my account’ (a nod to the brilliant, if hapless, priest in the comedy Father Ted).  No amount of head bowing or crying (a bit over the top in my opinion but anyway it represents a sense of accountability to the people I suppose) was able to prevent his resignation.

With or without the Bank of Japan’s introduction of a negative equity rate this week, I’m sure the economy will survive.




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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