To go or not to Goromaru : )

To go from Queensland

Red to French Red post-World Cup

is not a bad feat


A bit of light sports news here with rumours that Ayumu Goramaru, the star of Japan’s rugby team in last year’s rugby world cup, could possibly be signing for Toulon next season. These rumours have not yet been confirmed.  Toulon are something of an all-star team in the French top 14 and can sign pretty much whoever they want (this is not always a good thing in rugby or football) and attract great players from all over the world.  They must have been disappointed to lose a major Irish player this last week who decided to retire – on medical advice – due to a serious injury sustained during the world cup (ironically during the match against France).   He had already decided he would retire from international duty after the World Cup when he was due to join Toulon but now, due to the injury which meant he did not even get to play a single match for Toulon after joining the team in December, he has decided to retire altogether.

The owner of Toulon has not commented on Goromaru, who plays in a different position by the way, and the team he is currently at, the Queensland Reds, has denied it. This kind of ‘will they won’t they’ speculation is common in rugby it seems.  I imagine it’s a bit disruptive as well.  Anyway, wherever he ends up I’m sure he’ll do just great.  Toulon also signed in recent months a player who had been left out of the French team for the world cup who I think is class but who is still not back playing for France’s new coach Guy Novès.  I hope he gets his bit of action at Toulon in any case.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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