International or other matters


That long slender piece

of land called Italy has

been shaken again

The people of Japan and neighbouring regions, I’m thinking of China in particular, will understand how the people of Italy must be feeling and have been feeling for the last week or so, even months.  The central region of Italy has been hit by repeated aftershocks, – felt in Rome on one side of the country and towns on the Adriatic coast on the other side – of an earthquake in August.

So many old villages left in ruins and survivors left homeless.  It’s terrible.    I hope the survivors are keeping safe and I wish the disaster teams well in their work.

Though Italy has been hit in the past, they are saying that this is the worst succession of earthquakes/aftershocks in a long time – since 1980.   It’s hard to believe that there is a country in Europe so seismically active.

All the best to this country I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times – and will again – and which is the home of some lovely Italians I know or have met in the past.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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