Sinkholes in Japan

Sinkholes wreakin’ my study

What’s with the sinkholes!


What a shock the people hanging around Hakata station in the Hakata ward of Fukuoka city must have got earlier this morning (Japan time) when a giant sinkhole started to form in front of the station.   15 metres deep, 27 wide and 30 long it looks huge.  Nobody was hurt.   I just hope it doesn’t get bigger.  These sinkholes have been appearing around the world lately and are a bit of a mystery.   It’s no surprise it happened in Japan, given the country’s geological sensitivity.

Speaking of sinkholes, Memrise seems to be disappearing down a sinkhole of sorts lately.  Their update remains the same anytime I log into take a look… ‘… progress may not be recorded blah blah blah’.  This is what happens when you over-complicate a website that started out in a fairly simple format.  Having the access to contribute to a course is great but not when the whole site is down and you can’t do anything to help.  Thankfully, there are other sources I can access to enhance my Japanese. is another great site I use. Hurray for hassle-free learning.

Things are looking tight over in the US with people going to vote for their 45th president.   Of course Americans have a lot of other people to vote for as well, as senate positions, to give one example, are being contested as well.  What a headache but it’s worth voting. Politics is really being upended over there with this not so dignified run for the presidency.  Though Hilary C has gotten herself in a bit of trouble and is not seen as very likeable, she is still  unquestionably more capable than that orange-skinned oaf who would only create another sinkhole, a political one. She has the international vote of confidence as well, despite her mistakes (though I suppose with the lack of choice….). I think she should be given a chance and maybe she will turn things around.  Who knows.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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