Abe and Pearl Harbour

First visit by a

Japanese PM to Pearl

Harbour a big deal


Following Barack Obama’s visit to Hiroshima earlier this year, news has come of an impending first ever visit by a Japanese Prime Minister to Pearl Harbour (真珠湾 in Japanese) to honour the victims of Japan’s World War II attack, which officially brought the US into World War II.  Shinzo Abe will visit in late December.

I think this is fitting as Barack Obama is about to leave office and you-know-who will be officially in place in January.    Though I think Barack Obama should have apologised during his visit and did not, I still think it was an important visit (preceded by John Kerry’s visit of course) which should be reciprocated while the same president is still (technically) in office and now it will be.  Shinzo Abe’s wife is already said to have visited by herself which I think was a good idea.

Anyway, over to the rest of the world and keeping in mind what I said before about a possible domino effect in Europe of the wrong kind of people getting into office, good news has come from Austria at least where the far-right party have been defeated by an independent party politician who has grasped the reins of power.   One less country to worry about in that regard.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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