See ye later Memrise


There once was a site called Memrise

which when I started was like the sunrise

but it then went to town

on being a clown

so I thought I’d go elsewhere to memorize

Yeah I thought I’d start with a Limerick this time to express my opinion of Memrise which I haven’t visited in over 2 months or so.   I just don’t enjoy it anymore, mostly because the founders have really gone to town on dragging it down with their clowning around with the format.   There were some nice fellow learners on it at times.  I might return out of curiosity (to see how much I ‘have to’ water because it keeps bringing up words you know you have long memorised for watering) but elsewhere my Japanese perfecting adventure continues.

Thanks all the same Memrise – it was (mostly) nice while it lasted.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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