After the Storm

After the Storm – 

another hit from the

class Kore-eda?

There’s a film out at the moment called ‘After the Storm’ starring Hiroshi Abe and Kiki Kirin which is meant to be really good.   I’d go see it only it’s not available anywhere near me.  I might have to head to another city to see it so we’ll see.   It looks like one I’d add to my ‘Films worth a look’ list.   It’s another one by Kore-eda whose films are nearly always about family ties.

Haven’t studied any Japanese in a few weeks.  I think I just got to a level on Renshuu that I had to think ‘Oh well where do I go now?’   I went to another part of the site that specialised in kanji but found myself going over old ground, really basic old ground so was not very motivated to continue it.  I like to copy a lot of sentences from it which have new terms in them, or certain grammar structures I want to perfect, into word files according to theme and then I try to go back to the Word files once in a while to look over what I’ve learned – I’ve pages and pages by now per theme (politics, business, sport, food/drink, household, etc.) – to review them.   Well, good intentions and all ….  I don’t usually have the time.   Still, it’s good to give something a break now and then so you can return to it with a clear mind.

One or two files that are really handy at the moment are the politics and war files considering the antagonism coming from NK towards Japan and the new leader in South Korea.  Another is my weather and climate file since firstly Japan has such a wide range of weather conditions and catastrophes and secondly since the climate is more important than ever and not just because or since that clown in the White House pulled out of the all-important Paris agreement.  Boooo!! 馬鹿だよ!

Any thoughts on this?  I look forward to hearing them.

Slightly edited – 3/6 – to add haiku and other additions to main text.


5 thoughts on “After the Storm

    • That’s just it. You need a clear mind to take stuff in and enjoy learning instead of cramming your head with stuff for the sake of it and so a break now and again from one subject, either to take on another or just not do much at all, makes you more motivated and productive in the long run. I find Renshuu very good in that aspect. Like Memrise you may be gaining points and there is a leaderboard as well – I don’t take much notice to it – but it feels less competitive than Memrise and you feel more rewarded for your study efforts. I do anyway. Being away from it for a few days doesn’t make you feel like you have to ‘catch up’ on the leader board. Competition is good in learning languages but only to a point. You have to focus on yourself not on the learning efforts of others.

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    • I like your site by the way – very impressed that you also know Korean. I’ve flirted with learning that language. I only know a few phrases at the moment but will return to it someday. Their alphabet is a bit tricky! I don’t know if I could ever go for ancient Greek though! I’ve also done a bit of Turkish btw but don’t know if I can give you any useful advice on that.

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Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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