Renshuu refurbishment

Change is mostly a

good and positive thing but

in this case it ain’t.


Well I visited Renshuu the other day after a week or so away (see last post) and I found they had changed the format of the site.  I’m kind of annoyed because I can’t find where I left off!!    It’s neater alright, ironically, but it was much easier to go back to where you left off with the old format.  I hope they’re not going to mess around with it any further.   I don’t want it going down the Memrise sinkhole route!

I watched a documentary this weekend morning about sinkholes – yeah fascinating you say but in fact it was very interesting – after what happened in Hakata that time (see previous post). This was mostly US-focused, particularly Louisiana and Florida.   Sinkholes are far more dangerous than you would think.  I wondered while watching it if it was such a good idea that the Hakata cities authorities rebuilt the street so quickly that time.

On a human level, it is amazing how greedy some housing developers are – not just in America but everywhere-  that they know full well that they are building housing developments on sink-hole vulnerable plots of land and yet it is the eventual home owners who are left to deal with the, often tragic, consequences of it.  And how they even get to development stage is amazing.  So it’s not just property developers at fault (but city authorities who allow them to go ahead without proper assessments of the land).   Real estate agents are also guilty of hiding the truth about properties they are in charge of selling.  Anyway, not only might the homeowners lose their lives but also the value of their house which they find they can’t sell on because of this geological feature that no one can do much about, and that they were knowingly left unaware of.  so they are doomed to stay there.   Some public authorities have special sinkhole zone maps people can refer to if they want to research an area in which they wish to buy a house which is something but not all public authorities have these.  Unless you’re eyeing up an area already known for sinkholes (in which case why?), it’s probably not on your list of things to research when thinking of buying a house!  The documentary also featured people who are aware of sinkholes in their area but due to technology that will warn them of anything that will ‘activate’, so to speak, a threatening sinkhole and/or a genuine love of their community, when they could otherwise afford to move, decide to stay put despite the risk.

Well, I’ll try to think of something less grim for my next post : (










Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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