My haiku view of Japan

My haiku may win

nought by way of awards folks

but care I do not!

Hi folks,

This blog is about my appreciation of Japan with frank observations on what is happening in the news and various posts about my own Japan-related interests, each page or post topped by an attempt, by myself, at a haiku verse on the very topic being observed.

The Ode to Japan page only lists the great things about Japan whereas the posts in the Haiku reflections on Japan category cover the good and a bit of the bad.

Snapshots of Japan features, mostly, photos of places I`ve been to in Japan. Other photos are of places I haven`t been to but hope to visit.

The pages titled Literature /Literature II and Films worth a look speak for themselves and the Great Expressions page is pure linguistic nerdiness on my part, where I pick out words or phrases that tickle my fancy, or tickle me pink.

To navigate from any of the pages to the most recent post, if that’s what you want to see, you can click on Haiku View of Japan underneath the cherry blossom picture.

This isn`t serious haiku as you can see, just a bit of fun (partly influenced by a book I found in an Oxfam shop called `One hundred great books in haiku` – hilarious book).

The haiku, for anyone who does not know, is a poem  invented by Zen monks in Japan, in the 16th century.  It consists of 17 syllables and it`s written in the traditional form of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, five syllables.  I have mixed it up a bit by doing seven, five and seven just for a bit of variety, and flexibility (though the one above is five,seven, five and I prefer my seven, five, seven version of it).  Actually, in Japanese, a haiku can also be written all on the one line but as long as it has 17 syllables that`s the important thing.

I should warn you, if you have not already browsed the tags and wondered at the omission of アニメ or マンガ, well you won`t find that on my blog.  I`m not a culture snob and I do enjoy some of Studio Ghibli`s stuff but apart from that there`s no place for it on my blog as I`m just not into it.  Sorry to disappoint but there`s loads of that elsewhere so hope you find what you`re looking for (wherever that `elsewhere` may be).

Hope  my blog is of some interest. Enjoy and feel free to like it (or not), rate it in some way, or to comment on it.  You can comment in haiku form too of course, that would be interesting.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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