Films worth a look

Films from/on Japan

Food, Family, Samurai

Quality indeed


Twilight Samurai – family love vs samurai duty

The Hidden Blade – Damn! I wish I had not taught him that move!!

Love and Honour – Blindness is no impediment to vengeance

13 Assassins – a dutiful crew, including a mysterious 13th, fight evil

Ran – Pure chaos between 3 brothers

The Seven Samurai – Samurai help villagers defeat bandits

Kagemusha – To be or not to be … the Lord in question

Ichi – Search for a lost parent (?) with an additional challenge

After the Rain – Happy go lucky samurai chancing his arm

Tampopo – food heaven

Minbo – Making the Yakuza yelp

The Funeral – the ins and outs of a family funeral

A Taxing Woman -who knew taxes could be so …

Jiro Dreams of Sushi – the Master of sushi

Madadayo – the respect shown towards teaching

Rashamon – One terrible incident told from different sides

The Idiot – Dostoyevsky’s novel Japanese style

Scandal – magazine chasing gossip ends up in court

The Quiet Duel – Desire or responsibility?, a man wonders

Tokyo Story – Family drifting apart – blood relatives over-rated

Good Morning –  tv versus conversation in 1950s Japan

An Autumn Afternoon – losing a daughter (or not) … to marriage

Late Spring – Marriage choices, fatherly devices

Early Summer – A single woman seeks her own man

I was born but... – battle of wills between sons and father

Tokyo Chorus – a dad`s gotta do what a dad`s gotta do

A woman of Tokyo – A family`s reputation in doubt

What did the lady forget? – marriage politics

The flavor of green tea over rice – simplicity wins out

Hana-bi – a Beat Takeshi gem with cop trouble

Kikujiro – a boy has an unexpected summer

The Eel – an ex-con rebuilding his life

Warm water under a red bridge – Treasure hunter finds other more unusual treasure

Tokyo Sonata – the shame of losing your job and control over your family

Departures – unpopular occupation number one!!

Norwegian Wood – know the book? Not as good as it (I thought) but good enough

Nobody Knows – an unsettling but compelling child drama

Afterlife – Favourite memory captured in the afterlife

Yureru (Sway) – sibling rivalry at a desperate low

I Wish – magic on a railway line

Like Father Like Son – Parents with a tough decision to make

Still Walking – parents` expectations of children not met

I just didn`t do it – a disconcerting view of chikans and the legal system

Antarctica (Nankyoku monogatari) -A tale of heroic canine survival

Anata He (Dearest) – A man on a road trip to honour his wife`s wishes

The Milkwoman – Reconnecting with your childhood sweetheart

Letters from Iwo Jima(/Flags of our Fathers) – WWII desolate island action

Tora! Tora! Tora! – Pearl Harbour lead-up – farcical on American side

The Bridge over the river Kwai – POWs in Thailand building bridges for Japanese (and then `burning` aka exploding them)

Empire of the Sun – Japanese invasion seen from a young boy`s eyes

Grave of the Fireflies – Sibling survival amid WWII Tokyo ruins

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence – Homo-erotic love repressed

The Railway Man – PTSD aided by forgiveness

Kabei (Mother dear) – what happens when you don`t toe the government line

Twenty Four Eyes – a teacher`s anti-war beliefs (and she wears a suit!!)

Black Rain (Kuroi no Ame*) –  Hiroshima bombing affects a girl`s marriage prospects

Shogun`s Samurai – intrigue in becoming Shogun

Ugetsu Monogatari – Two men, their smarter wives and a war

Chikamatsu no Monogatari – Adulterers got it hard in Japan

Sansho the Bailiff – slavery in a bygone era

Zatoichi – Bottle blond samurai action with a bit of a show at the end

Gohatto – competition of a different sort among samurai ; )

Takeshis` – the trials of being a doppelganger

Dolls – True love à la Chikamatsu puppet theatre

Outrage/Outrage Beyond –  don`t think of the first while at the dentist

The Land of Hope – Fighting evacuation post-Fukushima

Tokyo! (actually 3 short and unusual films about Tokyo) – eeehhh…

Some call it love –  He`s not your granddad??!!

Tony Takitani – Love of a woman who loves her clothes 

Confessions – a teacher seeking revenge

Marathon – a surprisingly enjoyable tv film about … ummm … racewalking

* Usually found under Japanese title so as not to be confused in any way with another film also from 1989 and also called  Black Rain, starring Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia and Ken Takakura and set in 1980s Tokyo about American detectives getting mixed up with Yakuza


Films I have yet to see but recommend:

After the Storm – Bonding during a storm

Third Murder – Lawyer ethics in search for truth


Aesthetically pleasing with nice soundtracks but that`s all

Memoirs of a G~~~ Corny dialogue plagues it whether it`s based on the  dialogue from the original book or not. Lovely soundtrack.

The Last S~~~  – mainly for T.C. does it get its nyah status otherwise it`s not bad really and KW deserved Oscar nomination. Soundtrack fabulous.

Lost in T~~~  I actually thought it was a bit boring (Bill Murray is somewhat over-rated to be honest). Have not heard soundtrack unlike other two films.




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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