Great Expressions

Some expressions in

Japanese, mostly fillers,

are just great to stick…

… in your mind. Which is great when you`re studying but great just to have for real conversation.  Prompted by my post on waza waza and a previous post in which I mentioned a character from a particular Japanese film I saw who liked his words as well, I have decided to make a list here, and add to it as I go along, of words and expressions that I really like in Japanese.

The list will eventually get bigger as I come across expressions or words I remember  or come across.  I`ve put them in romaji and hiragana:


Naruhodo (なるほど)

Yappari (やっぱり)

Waza waza (わざわざ)


Ehhhto… (えと…)

Kochira koso  (こちらこそ)

Masaka (まさか)!!


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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