An Ode to Japan

Japan is haiku,

beautiful places to see,

great food, films, fashion

Here, in non-haiku form, are the main things I love about Japan:

Fascinating culture and history

Easy mixture of the old and new cultures – there is something for everyone in Japan

Endless places of beauty – you could probably live there all your life and still feel you haven`t seen everything

Great food and ways of presenting it – Japanese home-cooking which I had the pleasure of indulging in, as well as ramen, sushi restaurants, the list goes on

Great films – one about food which I love is Tampopo, but so many more gems too

Though Japan is all about the group, there is a sense of individualism that bursts out here and there and they express themselves in so many brilliant ways.  One being….

….Fashion and appearance.   The Japanese know their fashion and know their style.  They make it affordable too thankfully

Nice and generous people, mostly, who are always willing to help out

The slow but sure shaking off of apathy, following the March 11 disaster


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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